General Trading

Radiant Star General Trading

From trading agriculture and fertilizers to steel, cement, and chemical products, Radiant Star General Trading has an extensive track record in providing clients access to a variety of high quality commodities. Having this considerable experience has allowed the organization to function masterfully and maintain a high level of standardization in its quality of product. Furthermore, registered with the renowned Dun & Bradstreet Inc., Radiant Star Trading has built trustworthiness in the industry.
RS Trading specializes in the supply of multiple commodities from various sources throughout the world. Millions of tonnes have been moved on different terms (FOB,CNF,CIF) from several reliable sources.

Bulk Commodities

Radiant Star Trading has built deep, trustworthy relationships with its material providers, be it, miners or cement producers, enabling the group to forge exclusive agreements with these suppliers. Bulk commodities are traded continuously, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality cargo at competitive prices.
The logistics team of the company adopts a hands-on approach to make sure that all shipments are carried out on time, and a thorough after sales follow up is undertaken, to maximise client satisfaction. Radiant Star Trading is able to supply the following bulk commodities.
Dry Bulk

Bulk Products

We offer a wide range of bulk commodities at RS General Trading.
Chrome Ore

Agro Commodities

Radiant Star Trading has recognised the opportunities that accompany the high demand of imported agricultural produce in the region. As a global trading company with decades of experience, RS Trading has formed enduring alliances with like-minded organizations.

This has allowed the company to source produce from reliable partners and deliver it to destinations worldwide. Radiant Star Trading is able to supply the following agricultural commodities.

Oil Seeds

Agro Products

We offer several agricultural commodities at RS General Trading.

Green Mung Beans
Fish Meal
Wheat Bran
Poultry Meal